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What a Recipe is in
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Creating a Recipe:
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Creating a Recipe:
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Recipe Features
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All your recipes are combined in a single place, whether you entered them yourself or downloaded them form the eCookbook Library.

Le Sous-Chef makes it easy to browse through your recipe collection with several convenient search features.
The first breakdown of recipes is by Cookbook. All the recipes that you have entered are in the Book entitled "My Recipes". Tap on a book Title and the recipe list on the right will show only the recipes from the selected Cookbook.

The "Browse by Ingredient" feature brings up a list of all the ingredients used in at least one recipe in your collection. Choose one to see only recipes using that ingredient.

You can assign a variety of tags and keywords to your recipes. These are displayed in the tables at the bottom left. Choose a word or phrase to see the recipes taged with it.

Perhaps the most versatile search option, the search bar atop the recipe list on the right of the screen allows you to search through the entire text, ingredient names, tool names, titles comments and tags of all your recipes.

The ratings filter is shown off, but can be used to filter all searches by recipe the ratings of 1 to 5 stars that you can assign recipes in your collection.